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Welcome from Our Chief Executive Officer

Welcome to The Learning Center for the Deaf!  As the first school in Massachusetts to use sign language as the primary language of instruction, we remain committed to giving deaf and hard-of-hearing children the earliest possible access to language and to creating language-rich learning environments. We’d love to show you how being in a bilingual and bicultural school works for the 200+ children we teach on our campus every day at our two schools, Marie Philip School and Walden School.

We’ll offer you and/or your group a tour, introduce you to our staff, faculty and students—deaf and hearing—and show you how we engage infants, toddlers and children K-12, as well as their families in a vibrant, supportive, language-rich learning community.

We will also explain more about the programs and services we offer to students and families across the state - in fact, many people are surprised to learn that we serve more students in public mainstream classrooms all across the state than we do on our campus.  In total, combining both our on- and off-campus programs, we are providing educational services and support to over 650 students and families in more than 94 towns in Massachusetts. We also serve students from 15 other states.  

In addition, more than 1,000 patients (of all ages) visit our full-service Outpatient Audiology Clinic each year and more than 100 people from the community enroll in our evening American Sign Language classes each semester. Our Center for Research and Training (CRT) works to enhance the effectiveness and rigor of bilingual education in ASL and English for deaf and hard of hearing students by engaging in critical research, creating innovative educational and assessment resources, and providing evidence-informed training. CRT administers the ASLAI, a standardized ASL proficiency assessment, age-normed with approximately 2,000 preK - 12 students nationwide. The CRT team is also engaged in the ongoing development of ASL Clear, an online STEM educational resource in ASL, and providing training and materials related to this innovative educational resource.

We have a robust interpreting service department that meets the needs of our community throughout the state. Walden Community Services provides Intensive Care Coordination, Family Support and Training, In Home Therapy and Therapeutic Mentoring to families with a deaf family member. We are the only Deaf specialty service addressing the unique linguistic, cultural and mental/behavioral health needs of the population we serve.

There is always something interesting happening on our campus.  Visitors tell us they can feel the warmth of our environment, sense the dedication of our teachers and staff, and our strong commitment to high academic standards. Please enjoy our website, and we invite you to contact us to arrange a visit and tour, or to inquire about any of our unique services. If you have questions for me directly, please feel free to send me an email at SGSmith@TLCDeaf.org.



Sarah Glenn-Smith, MBA, Ph.D.
Chief Executive Officer

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